Support Access - Walmart
  • 18 Jan 2024
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Support Access - Walmart

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Résumé de l’article

  1. User can access the KNNX Walmart Support Desk by entering the link in the web browser.

When logging in for the first time, the user is required to register with their email address.


KNNX Walmart Support Desk Log in screen

  1. Enter email address, click on the Next and then, click on sign up with password.


KNNX Walmart Support Desk Sign up screen

  1. A confirmation mail is sent to the entered email address.


Email Acknowledgment for Sign up

  1. Click the Sign up in the acknowledgement mail.


Sign up

  1. This redirects to the Sign up page. Enter a password in the Choose a password field.

  2. Click on the Confirm to proceed to the next step.


Choose a password screen

  1. Upon completing the sign up process successfully, you will be redirected to the KNNX Walmart Support Desk page.

  2. Select the KNNX Walmart Support to proceed.


KNNX Walmart Support Desk page

  • Use registered email id and password, to access the KNNX Walmart Support Desk.

  • The KNNX Walmart Support Desk allows to contact the support team for issues you may encounter on the below mentioned platforms:

    a. Freight Support

    b. Freight 2.0 Support

    c. DOME Support

    d. Last Mile delivery Support


KNNX Centre/ KNNX Walmart Support

Raising a Request

  1. To raise a ticket, click the magnifying glass icon at the top right side of screen.


Search icon - to find an appropriate support category

  1. The SEND A REQUEST window appears. Enter keywords related to the issues.

The list of support categories related to your search term appears.

  1. Click the most suitable option that is related to the encountered issue.



  1. The selected support category window appears. Enter the required details in the given fields.


Selected Support Category window

  1. Click on the Send to raise a ticket on the KNNX Walmart Support Desk.



  1. The detailed ticket window appears.

You or the KNNX Walmart Support team can convey comments or extra information on this window.


Detailed ticket – View

  1. Enter the message in Add a comment field, located below in the Activity section of the ticket.


Add a comment to a ticket

  1. Click the Save to confirm comment entry. You can add files or images as necessary to augment your response.



  1. Select All from the Requests drop-down list on the top right corner of the screen to view all raised tickets, including the closed ones.


All option

  1. Select Created by me from the Requests drop-down list to view all support tickets raised by you.


Created by me option

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