Shunt Claim
  • 01 Jun 2022
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Shunt Claim

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Raising a Shunt Claim

   How to add a Shunt Claim in the DL Freight  

To submit a Shunt claim (or shunt move) on DL Freight™, begin by clicking on the Down arrow to the right of the Shunt claim tile on the Update sidebar.
Refer to the screenshot below:

When the Shunt claim dropdown list appears on the screen, you can see there are multiple shunts for the load. This is because the load has made stops at different locations. DL Freight™ gives the option to submit Shunt claims for the locations the driver has made a stop in. Note that shunt can’t be claimed for DC locations. Carriers are allowed to submit a SHU claim per valid stop location for a Load ID.

DLT _logan_pdf-07.png

Multiple stop locations to consider while raising a Shunt claim

Follow the numbered circles on the screenshot as a guide:

  1. Once the shunt claim dropdown expands, locate the stop location details by referring to the stop_loc_id to submit a shunt claim for the specific stop.
  2. Each stop has a unique stop id. Select the desired stop_id.
  3. After selecting the stop, enter the route number. (1)
  4. Then, select the number of shunt moves you are claiming. (2)
  5. Finally, add the shunt event timestamp date by clicking on the Calendar icon (3). The timestamp field records the exact date and time of the Shunt move. Note: shunt move claims must be submitted within 48 hours of occurrence.

DLT _logan_pdf-08.png

Data fields for Shunt claim

  1. The screenshot above indicates the date and time picker to add the event timestamp. Click on the calendar icon, set the date, and time values for a shunt claim.
  2. Once the details are added, click on the Set button.
  3. Now click on the Update button to submit the shunt claim for the load.

To check the status of the claim, click here.

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