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Adding a Redelivery Claim

How to add a Redelivery claim in DL

To submit a Redelivery claim on DL Freight™, begin by clicking on the Down arrow on the right of the Redelivery claim tile on the Update sidebar. There are a few data fields that are mandatory to fill.
Follow the numbered circles on the screenshot as a guide:

  1. Once the Redelivery claim dropdown expands, select and add the route number. (1)
  2. Add in a comment to help explain the reason for the claim in the Additional Redelivery Comment text field. (2)
  3. Then, add the number (#) of RCL miles that you traveled for the redelivery. (3)

The distance in mile accepts decimal values to two places. The decimal input beyond two places is rounded off as a part of the business rule. Carriers can submit only one redelivery claim on a specific Load ID.

DLT _logan_pdf-09.png

Data fields for Redelivery claim

  1. Finally, add the Redelivery Reason by clicking the down arrow. (4)
  2. Upon clicking the down arrow, a dropdown list appears with three predefined options, i.e.
    a. Store refusal
    b. Store inventory
    c. Weather

DLT _logan_pdf-10.png

Redelivery Reason dropdown options

  1. Select the appropriate reason for raising the claim by clicking on the relevant option. Note that there can only be one reason for redelivery. Describe more about the reason in the Additional Redelivery Comment text field. (2)
  2. Once the details are added, click on the Update button to submit the redelivery claim for the load.

To check the status of the claim, click here.

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