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Requesting MISC – Miscellaneous claims

How to add a Miscellaneous claim in the DL Freight platform.mov

To submit a Miscellaneous claim on DL Freight™, begin by clicking on the Down arrow to the right of the Miscellaneous claim tile on the Update sidebar. Refer to the screenshot below:

When the Miscellaneous claim dropdown list appears on the screen, multiple boxes of Miscellaneous charges are seen. The charges are further categorized into seven types of claims. A load can have more than one type of Miscellaneous claim, and the final claim amount is a sum of all the added charges.

  1. Once the Miscellaneous claim dropdown expands, seven gray boxes are seen, each of which has a different type of predefined MISC Reason.

DLT _logan_pdf-15.png

Types of Miscellaneous claims

  1. The miscellaneous reasons are listed below:
    a. Premium vessel reservation
    b. Barge/Ferry Fees
    c. Re-route
    d. Scale Charges
    e. Additional Stop Charge
    f. Trailer cleaning fee
    g. Other

The Miscellaneous claim can be submitted using one of the seven options. There are six well-defined MISC Reasons for you to pick from. The seventh option, i.e., Other MISC reason, is used if the claim is not included in the predefined options. All MISC Reasons for claims have the same data fields - MISC Claim Amount & MISC Reason text.

  1. Choose a miscellaneous charge with the required MISC Reason.

DLT _logan_pdf-16.png

Data fields for MISC claims

Follow the numbered circles on the screenshot as a guide:
4. Add the amount of the claim in the MISC Claim Amount ($) data field. (1)

The claim amount accepts values to two decimal places because the amount field is a currency data type. ($)

  1. Add a miscellaneous description to explain the reason for the claim in the MISC Reason text field. (2)
  2. Once the details are added, click on the Update button to edit the miscellaneous claims for the load.

To check the status of the claim, click here.

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